Lee J. deLisle

Dr. deLisle recently stepped down as the Chair and is currently serving as an assistant prof essor in the Department of Human Performance and Health at Western Michigan University. He teaches courses in festival and event management, sociology of leisure, recreational management theory, as well as graduate courses in sports management including courses in Facility Planning, Maintenance and Supervision, Public Relations in Sport, Financial Management in Sport, Marketing for Sports Managers, Sports Ethics, Legal Aspects of Sports, Administration and Governance of Sport and Independent Research and Internship experiences.

Previously, Dr. deLisle worked as the Director of Parks and Recreation in Groton, CT. planning hundreds of sport and cultural events, concerts and programs for the public.

Dr. deLisle authored the text Creating Special Events for Sagamore Publishing in 2009 and co-authored the text, The Story of Leisure, in 1998. He has contributed research articles to the World Leisure Journal, the Annals of Leisure Research, Journal of Park and Recreation Administration, SCHOLE, and in publications for the National and Recreation and Parks Association and the Michigan Recreation and Parks Association.

Dr. deLisle served on the SCHOLE Board of Directors and is active in the newly formed Education Section of NRPA. He also served on the Michigan Recreation and Parks Association Board of Directors, coordinates student activities for the Student Recreation Society on campus and provides consultant services to municipal and private agencies.