Problem Solving in Recreation and Parks, 5th Ed.

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Author(s): Joseph J. Bannon

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To find solutions to the critical problems facing the recreation and park profession, its leaders must become effective problem solvers.

This book offers a problem-solving model that should aid such leaders in developing a systematic approach to the vital issues they confront.

It also includes a series of case studies depicting typical day-to-day problems faced by administrators, supervisors, leaders, and recreation and park boards and commissions.

Certainly, a book of this type should not be limited to classroom use.

It is hoped that its concepts and ideas can also be effectively used in staff development programs and in-service training, as well as by park and recreation boards, military installations, hospitals, conservation agencies, penal institutions, commercial recreation enterprises, colleges and university administrations, state departments, and other agencies concerned with recreation and park problems.

What is important is that the problems a person is likely to encounter, and these are for the most part predictable, are those for which students and practitioners have been prepared.

I attempt to combine practical with academic approaches to problem solving, offering both the theoretical and pragmatic viewpoints, combining these wherever possible.

For these reasons, this book should be useful not only for teaching park and recreation students how to handle hypothetical problems systematically, but as an update and refresher for those involved with actual problems in agencies and organizations.

Table of Contents: 

Foreword XI
Prologue XIII
Preface XV
Acknowledgments XVII
Author XIX

Chapter 1

Problem Solving: A Professional Need 1

Chapter 2

The Problem-Solving Model 5

Chapter 3

Use of the Case Study Method in Problem Solving 9

Chapter 4

The Problem Situation 15

Chapter 5

Defining Objectives 27

Chapter 6

Factors That Influence Problem Solving 35

Chapter 7

Brainstorming 43

Chapter 8

Selecting Alternative Solutions 53

Chapter 9

Decision Making 61

Chapter 10

Strategies for Implementation 71

About the Author(s)

Joseph J. Bannon

Joseph J. Bannon is Publisher and CEO of Sagamore Publishing.

He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois where he served as head of the Department of Leisure Studies.

Prior to his academic career, Joe served as director of recreation and parks in Leonia, NJ, and later as superintendent of recreation and parks in Topeka, KS.

He is a founding member of the American Academy of Park and Recreation Administration and is professor emeritus at the University of Illinois.

Joe serves as chairman of the Joseph Lee Memorial Library and Archives Committee.

Bannon is also a founding member of The American Academy of Leisure Services.

Bannon is also a veteran of the U.S. Army; he served two years' active duty during the Korean War.