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Sagamore publishes seven journals in the disciplines of health, recreation,
facility management, parks administration, leisure, education and more.

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Journal of Applied Sport Management
Journal of Applied Sport Management

A quarterly peer-reviewed journal providing the latest research in all aspects of applied sport management.

Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership

JNEL publishes quality manuscripts to disseminate the latest knowledge related to nonprofit education and leadership to develop theory and practice.

Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership
Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education, and Leadership

The only peer-reviewed journal published in the United States with a specific focus on the areas of outdoor recreation, education, and leadership.

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Journal of Park and Recreation Administration
Journal of Park and Recreation Administration

Launched in 1983 to encourage scholarly research and the advancement of knowledge for best management practices and delivery services.

Learning Disabilities

A vehicle for disseminating the most current thinking on learning disabilities and to provide information on research, practice, theory, issues, and trends regarding learning disabilities..


A single responsible source of valuable information for those interested in sport, physical education, and recreation involving individuals with disabilities.

The Physical Educator
The Physical Educator

One of the longest-standing journals providing research-based articles relating to physical education, health, recreation, and other areas.