Geoffrey Godbey

Geoffrey Godbey has been interested in the future for many decades.

A retired professor at Penn State and currently endowed professor at Jinan University and formerly Zhejiang University in China, he is the author of three books about leisure and the future, numerous articles, and over 200 speeches.

He is a poet, former professional drummer, former part owner and editor of Venture Publishing, and a pioneer in bringing leisure studies to China, along with the scholar Ma Huidi.

Godbey has traveled extensively in the world and has been highly involved in international organizations concerned with leisure, tourism, and sport.

His interests include a variety of topics including human-caused climate change, aging, health, demography, local government park and recreation services, constraints to leisure, and the near future.

His work has been featured in mass media outlets in many countries. He has consulted widely for major corporations in the hotel, tourism, and park and recreation fields.