Hilmi Ibrahim

Hilmi Ibrahim served as professor of kinesiology and leisure science at Whittier College for 43 years. In addition to teaching courses in leisure, recreation, and interdisciplinary offerings, his contributions have included research published in Society and Leisure, the Journal of Leisure Science; Research Quarterly; Leisure Studies; and the International Review of Modern Sociology. His other contributions are found in the many books he has edited, coauthored, and authored, such as Leisure: An Introduction; Leisure: A Psychological Approach; Leisure Emergence and Expansion; Pioneers in Leisure and Recreation; Understanding Leisure; Park, Recreation, and Leisure Service Management; Outdoor Recreation and Applications in Recreation in Leisure which was translated into Chinese. He also coauthored a book in Arabic entitled Sport, Recreation, and Special Populations.

His other contributions have included serving on the boards and committees of many local, state, national, and international agencies. He served as park and recreation commissioner for the City of Whittier for 10 years; was elected president for the California Park and Recreation Commissioners and Board Members: served as a reviewer for the Journal of Leisure Research and is a founding member of the American Leisure Academy. He has given speeches and presentations on leisure and recreation in many large cities in the United States as well as in Prague, Czechoslovakia; London, England; Cairo, Egypt; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Copenhagen, Denmark; Kuwait City, Kuwait; and Caracas, Venezuela.

Among the many grants he has acquired, the one from the Environmental Protection Agency was designed to point out the environmental and social injustice of open space and park land in the greater Los Angeles area.

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