Rob Layton

Rob is a founding partner of Design Concepts, a national landscape architecture firm, an instructor of the North Carolina State University’s College of Design Landscape Architecture Program, and currently serves as Executive Director for GP RED.

Rob’s interest has always focused on how the landscape of the public realm affects the lives of people.

This has led to his involvement nationally toward helping communities understand, create, and manage their public spaces.

He has been a key innovator in parks and recreation digital component-based methods for inventory and level of service analysis, and a primary architect of the GRASP® methodology.

Rob has contributed updated chapters on this topic for both the 2nd and 3rd editions of this guide.

He is dedicated to perfecting the science and practice of measuring how the built environment affects the people who live within it.

Rob travels throughout the world, presents at conferences, leads community workshops, and writes articles on the processes he has helped develop for improving the built environment.