Ron E. McCarville

Ron E. McCarville is a professor in the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Waterloo.

McCarville's research interests revolve around mobilizing resources to serve leisure participants.

As a result, he has studied both participants in and providers of leisure service delivery. His ongoing concern has been with understanding participants' reactions to administrative initiatives.

In particular, he has studied participants' reactions to various pricing models. This research has involved a series of experiments monitoring clients' expectations in various pricing contexts.

He is interested in the effects of service quality on participants' leisure experiences. In particular, he is interested in participants' responses to service failures.

McCarville's work with leisure providers has focused on sponsorship, decision making, and organizational change. In all cases, the goal has been to understand why providers program as they do while understanding client response to these efforts.

McCarville has placed insights from a decade of research into his text Improving Leisure Services Through Marketing Action.

His work appears in most of the recreation and leisure journals, but particularly in administrative outlets such as the Journal of Park and Recreation Administration and the Journal of Sport Management.

McCarville has served as guest editor and as associate editor for the Journal of Park and Recreation Administration and the Journal of Leisure Research.

He is a member of the CPRA Task Force on Children and Youth Living in Poverty. He acted for several years as the director of the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences Health and Fitness Group.

McCarville regularly shares his ideas through keynote addresses, workshops, and seminars around North America.

He enjoys running and biking.

He was named a Distinguished Teacher at the University of Waterloo in 2003.