Upon successful eText purchase you will be sent an email containing an access code. The access code will also be under the gray eText Codes tab on your Sagamore-Venture My Account page.

This access code is to be used at eTextink.com, where you can log in using your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft credentials.

Once logged in, you will see your Active Books page. If you have eText books in your library, you will see them here.

To activate a new purchase, click the eText menu at top left, then click Activate a New Book.

Activate etext book

Enter the 36-character activation code (copy and paste from your email receipt or My Account page), and click the Add This Book to My Library button.

Your eText will appear in your library, where you can open and read the publication.

You will not need your eText code again for this eText. In the future, log in at eTextink.com using your social media credentials, and your eText publication will be in your library. New eText purchases come with their own access codes.

Once logged in, you have access to Study Tools such as Bookmarks, Notes, and Highlights.

Study Tools

You can also go directly to eTextink.com to log in to read your purchased publications.

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