Electronic Titles - Policies

  • Our eBooks and eTexts are intended for individual use only.  We do not currently provide eBooks and eTexts to libraries for shared use.

  • Most of our eBooks and eTexts allow the user to print/copy 20 pages of text in a 24-hour period with a maximum of 40 pages printed/copied for the lifetime of the book.


  • eBooks and eTexts are not refundable.

Using Our eBooks and eTexts (What's the difference?)



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Sagamore eTexts are entirely web-based electronic versions of our print books, offering the following advantages:

  • Available on your desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile device
  • Use your favorite web browser - no third party software to install
  • Log in at  eTextInk to access your eText using your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account
  • ADA Section 508 compliant - built-in assistive technology
  • Multimedia-rich
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Create annotations in your eText
  • Easily searchable

Access codes for the eTexts you have purchased will be on your My Account/eTexts codes page.

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Sagamore eBooks are secured downloadable pdf publications that we sell and continue to make available here.

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