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A Social Psychology of Leisure, 3rd ed.

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The social psychology of leisure has long been, and still remains, a prominent perspective for understanding the role and impact of leisure in people’s lives. It is a dynamic field influenced by researchers in leisure studies and theories and research in, among others, the fields of social, personality, developmental, and positive psychology.

An early systematic effort to examine the potential of social psychology for understanding leisure was provided by John Neulinger in his 1974 book, The Psychology of Leisure: Research Approaches to the Study of Leisure. In 1980, Seppo Iso-Ahola published The Social Psychology of Leisure and Recreation, the first textbook to map out the boundaries of the field and review the social psychological theory and research available at the time.

Seventeen years elapsed before the first edition of A Social Psychology of Leisure was published in 1997. The first edition was well received, used in classrooms around the world, often cited by other researchers, and translated into Japanese. Another 14 years elapsed before the second edition—with Gordon Walker being added as a co-author—was published in 2011. It too was well received, used globally, often cited, and, in this instance, translated into Chinese.