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Study Guide for the TRS Certification Examination, 5th Ed.

Study Guide for the TRS Certification Examination, 5th Ed.

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Compare our prices! The purpose of this study guide is to assist candidates in preparing for the NCTRC national certification examination for Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists.

Included in this bundle are 850 flashcards on the 6 topic areas of the test:

  • Foundational knowledge
  • Assessment
  • Documentation
  • Implementation
  • Administration of TR
  • Advancement of the profession

We are excited to tell you that this fifth edition of the Study Guide for the Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Certification Examination has changed significantly from previous editions.

This is largely due to two reasons: (a) the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) has recently updated the Job Analysis, which helps structure the content of the test, and (b) the computerized test has a newer format of a 150-item test.

Therefore, we have restructured the Study Guide to align more closely with the most recent NCTRC exam content and format. In addition, we’ve added over 100 new items for a total of over 850 practice test items! 



Financial Resource Management, 3rd ed. - Print

Book of The Month January 2019 - 30% discount

Financial Resource Management, 3rd ed.

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Effective managers in sport, tourism, and leisure service organizations are required to have a wide variety of skills and a good understanding of all of the resources that they manage; they must know how to use their financial resources effectively.

Budgeting and long-term financial planning are areas of understanding and skill that every sport, tourism, and leisure service manager must develop and magnify. Financial Resource Management has been written with the needs of the sport, tourism, and leisure service manager in mind.

The authors have worked in a variety of sport, tourism, and leisure settings in several different parts of the United States and Canada and have discovered that there is no place to hide from the opportunity or responsibility to know about budgets, finance, and fiscal management.