Sagamore author Schwab featured by NRPA

Keri Schwab, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration, and Lead Editor and Contributing Author of Sagamore Publishing's A Career With Meaning, 2nd Ed., was featured recently in the article 'The Future Leaders of the NRPA,' in the August 2015 edition of Parks & Recreation magazine.

Her interview is published here with the permission of the National Recreation and Park Association.

Keri Schwab, Ph.D., completed her graduate work at the University of Utah in the Department of, Recreation and Tourism. Schwab’s current research interests  focus on youth development, community recreation and scholarly teaching. 

Why did you first get involved with NRPA?

I joined NRPA for many reasons. I got involved because I wanted to show support for the field via my membership, participate in and learn from NRPA’s ongoing education, research and advocacy efforts, and thought joining would keep me connected to the practitioner side of the field.

What are the most important issues facing parks and recreation today and going forward?

Logistically: funding. We all know securing funding is an ongoing challenge.  Conceptually: staying connected as a field. Understanding the foundation that links our various sub-areas together is crucial to staying strong as a field. Programmatically: trying to ensure the value of what we do is known, felt and appreciated by the general public. Helping people reflect, share their stories and make meaning from leisure experiences is important so the public can see, feel and understand the value in what we do. 

What would you like to see from NRPA in the next 50 years?

Continued growth — but growth in smart ways. Growth to meet the needs of members and the ability and willingness to adapt to changing populations, services, providers and needs. I would like to see additional funding for research on the benefits of recreation, and funding for marketing and sharing that information. 

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