The Academy of Leisure Sciences' Annual Conference on Research and Teaching was held February 20-23, 2018 on the campus of Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis, IN.

In combining the teaching and research sides of the field, The Academy of Leisure Sciences (TALS) was able to bring together many of the leading minds in our field.

Looking at the numbers, the conference had 175 registrations, and dozens of research and teaching sessions. This number is up from 45 registrations just a few years ago. Looking past the numbers, TALS was able to bring back the collegiality to our field.

Personally, many of my best conversations happened outside the sessions, at lunch, in the hallways, and at the socials. My greatest takeaway was that we are all engaged in an exciting field, filled with people that want to make the world a better place.

I am proud that Sagamore-Venture can be a part of that field. I cannot wait to see where Stephanie and the TALS Board take us in the future.

The highlight of the TALS Conference for me and my family came from the final social when it was announced that in future years, the TALS Lecture Series will be named the Joseph Bannon Lecture Series. My father was beyond honored to receive such recognition from his colleges. 

As expected, Rasul, Melissa, Brook, the University of Indiana, their staff and students made everyone feel welcome and have helped TALS create a space for energy and growth in our field. I look forward to TALS 2019 at Clemson and TALS 2020 at the University of Illinois.

PS: I spoke with many of you about new books, journals and new editions. You know who you are. Get writing (or reading, you know, I know who you are)!

Peter Bannon