Application of Behavior Analysis in Leisure Contexts [etext]

An Introductory Learning Manual
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Author(s): John Dattilo
Kari Kensinger

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Application of Behavior Analysis in Leisure Contexts: An Introductory Learning Manual is designed to introduce leisure and other service providers to behavior analysis and to assist them in developing and strengthening their skills in applying associated techniques.

The text contains five sections with 21 associated chapters.

The first section is devoted to examining and assessing behaviors and details ways to describe, observe, and measure behaviors.

The second section includes ways to influence behaviors by accelerating or decelerating behaviors.

In the third section, strategies are identified to help service providers teach behaviors that facilitate leisure involvement.

In the fourth section, details are provided on promoting discrimination and generalization of behaviors.

In the final section, readers are encouraged to be consistent and informed in their application of behavior analysis procedures.

The book is intended to help improve the ability of service providers to interact with people in a helpful and respectful manner and create contexts that encourage leisure engagement.

About the Author(s)

John Dattilo

John Dattilo is professor of Recreation, Park and Tourism Management in the College of Health and Human Development at the Pennsylvania State University.

He teaches courses and authors textbooks associated with leisure education, therapeutic recreation facilitation techniques, and inclusive leisure.

Throughout his career, initially as a clinician and then as a researcher, John works to understand behaviors and perceptions of diverse individuals so that he and his colleagues might develop ways of assisting them to negotiate constraints to their leisure and find enjoyment and meaning in their lives.

Kari Kensinger

Kari Kensinger is an independent recreational therapy, leisure behavior and autism consultant in Omaha Nebraska who teaches part-time for the University of Nebraska at Omaha and Florida International University.

Kari has worked in a variety of home, school, and community based settings.

She attributes her knowledge and skills of principles of applied behavioral analysis (ABA) to working at the Munroe Meyer Institute at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in both the Recreational Therapy Department and the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

She also received training in ABA working for Omaha Public Schools and Educational Service Unit 3.

Kari earned her bachelors and masters degrees in therapeutic recreation from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and a Ph.D. in therapeutic recreation from the University of Florida.