Comprehensive Manual of Taping, Wrapping and Protective Devices, 5th Ed.

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Author(s): Melvin Lewis
Ken Wright
Scott Barker
Randy Deere

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Recognized as the most comprehensive text in taping, wrapping, and protective devices for health care professionals, the fifth edition of the Comprehensive Manual of Taping, Wrapping, & Protective Devices (2017) has been enhanced by the addition of selected audio and video segments, kinesiology taping techniques, and an in-depth visual display of protective devices.

Obtaining knowledge from renowned experts in sports medicine health care, this text displays and describes a step-by-step process in the application of taping and wrapping products along with a listing of protective devices that could be utilized in preventing the severity of injuries.

The Comprehensive Manual of Taping, Wrapping, & Protective Devices features online supplements along with instructional resources. 

Online companion resources include video, images, and other resources the authors have provided as supplemental information for the text. A list of videos available include the following:

  • Knee Compression - Elastic Wrap
  • Elbow Compression - Elastic Wrap
  • Wrist/Hand Compression - Elastic Wrap 
  • Great Toe Taping
  • Toe Splint Taping
  • Plantar Fasciitis Taping
  • Ankle - Closed Basket Weave Taping
  • Ankle - Open Basket Weave Taping
  • Shin Splint Taping
  • Achilles Tendon Taping
  • Knee Joint Wrap
  • Hamstring Wrap
  • Quadriceps Wrap
  • Hip Flexor Wrap
  • Hip Adductor Wrap
  • Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint Taping
  • Glenohumeral Joint Taping
  • Glenohumeral Joint Wrap
  • Elbow Hyperextension Taping
  • Elbow Epicondylitis Wrap
  • Forearm Splint Taping
  • Wrist Taping
  • Thumb Spica Taping
  • Finger Splint Taping
  • Hyperextension of Phalanges Taping
  • Contusion of Hand Taping
Table of Contents: 

Part I: Basic Fundamentals
Chapter 1: Taping Techniques, Wrapping Techniques for Support, and Protective Devices
Chapter 2: Basic Fundamentals

Part II: Techniques for Lower Extremities
Chapter 3: Foot, Ankle, and Lower Leg
Chapter 4: Knee, Thigh, and Hip

Part III: Techniques for Upper Extremities
Chapter 5: Shoulder and Upper Arm
Chapter 6: Elbow, Forearm, Wrist, and Hand

Part IV: Recommendations for Selected Protective Devices
Chapter 7: Facial, Thorax, Abdomen, and Low Back
Chapter 8: BSN Medical
Chapter 9: Kinesio Taping® Method

About the Author(s)

Melvin Lewis

Dr. Melvin Lewis is an assistant professor in the Sports Business Management Graduate Program and fellow of the Alabama Program in Sports Communication at The University of Alabama.

He is a member of the North American Society for Sport Management. Dr. Lewis earned all three of his higher education degrees from The University of Alabama.

He received a doctor of philosophy degree in 2003, master of arts degree in 1996, and a bachelor of science degree in 1994.

Additionally, Dr. Lewis was presented the “Penny Allen” service award for faculty in 2016 at The University of Alabama.

He has more than 15 years of experience delivering industry essential sports medicine supplies and capital equipment to the sport industry.

Dr. Lewis was the National Sales Director for Medco Sports Medicine before departing to academia.

Dr. Lewis received certificates of training for Carew International Essentials of Branch Management Leadership in 2011, Carew International Dimensions of Professional Selling Facilitator Training in 2010, and The Counselor Salesperson in 2005.

He was an assistant athletic trainer for the Buffalo Bills Professional Football Organization for four years.

Prior to joining the Buffalo Bills full time in 1996, Dr. Lewis was an intern for the Buffalo Bills in 1995 and the Los Angeles Raiders Professional Football Organization in 1994.

Dr. Lewis earned the Southern Region Fellowship for Doctoral Scholars in 2000 and the Professional Football Athletic Trainer’s Ethnic Minority Scholarship in 1994.

Dr. Lewis has published several scholarly articles, book chapters, and presentations. His current research focuses on sport-consumer behavior and technology in sports.

Ken Wright

Dr. Ken Wright is a Professor of Sports Business Management Program at The University of Alabama.

Dr. Wright received his doctor of arts from Middle Tennessee State University (1984), master of science from Syracuse University (1976), and a bachelor of science degree from Eastern Kentucky University (1974).

He has served as head athletic trainer at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Morehead State University and as assistant athletic trainer at Ohio University.

Inducted into the National Athletic Trainers Association Hall of Fame (NATA) in 2014, Dr. Wright has also received the Sayers “Bud” Miller Distinguished Educator of the Year Award (2000), Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer Award (2006), and Athletic Trainer Service Award (1996) from the NATA.

Dr. Wright has numerous publications to his credit, including a series of 13 videos (Sports Medicine Evaluation and Sports Medicine Taping), a computer-assisted instructional program (Sports Injuries) and textbooks (Basic Athletic Training, 6th edition, 2013, The Comprehensive Manual of Taping & Wrapping Techniques, 5th edition, 2017), and Orthopaedic Immobilization Techniques, 1st edition (2014).

Ken has been involved with the United States Olympic Committee as an athletic trainer, educator and invited presenter at national and international sports medicine and sport management conferences.

Additionally, he has served on the editorial board of the Journal of Athletic Training, Physical Therapy in Sport, and Sports Medicine Update, and as chair and/or member on various NATA, USOC, and USADA committees.

In 2012, Dr. Wright was appointed as a member of the board of directors of the United States Anti-Doping Agency.

Scott Barker

Scott Barker is the head athletic trainer and adjunct faculty for the graduate athletic training education program at California State University, Chico.

He received his master of science degree in exercise and sport sciences with a specialization in athletic training from the University of Arizona (1985) and his bachelor of science degree in physical education from the University of Arizona (1984).

Barker served for eight years on the National Athletic Trainers Association Education Council Continuing Education Committee and for nine years on the National Athletic Trainers Association Education Multimedia Committee.

During this time, Mr. Barker helped with the inception and development of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association Virtual Library (online continuing education courses).

Barker has received numerous awards in the area of educational multimedia in athletic training including the 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, and 2008 National Athletic Trainers’ Association, Educational Multimedia Committee, Educational Software Production Contest ATC Commercial Winner; the 2006 National Athletic Trainers’ Association, Educational Multimedia Committee, Educational DVD/Video Production Contest ATC Commercial Winner; the 2006 National Athletic Trainers’ Association Continuing Education Excellence Award; and the 2007 MERLOT Classic Award for Exemplary Online Learning Resource.

Barker has been an invited presenter at 15 National Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium conferences.

Randy Deere

Dr. Randy Deere is a retired professor and program coordinator for the Graduate Sport Administration Program Athletic Administration Concentration at Western Kentucky University.

Dr. Deere received his doctor of arts degree from Middle Tennessee State University in 1992, master of arts degree from Austin Peay State  University in 1979, and a bachelor of science degree from Middle Tennessee State University in 1978.

Dr. Deere spent 14 years as a collegiate athletic trainer before moving into university teaching. Dr. Deere’s research interest focuses on online instructional pedagogy.

Dr. Deere received the W. H. Mustaine Distinguished Service Award from the Kentucky Association of Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance (KAHPERD) in 2007, the University PE Teacher of the year award from KAHERD in 1998, and the WKU Faculty Service Award for the College of Health and Human Service in 2004.

Dr. Deere has numerous national publications and presentations and served as KAHPERD Journal editor from 1993 until 2008. Additionally, Deere has served as a reviewer for Wolters Kluwer/ Lippincott Williams and Wilkins and created the PowerPoint supplements for Applied Sports Medicine for Coaches in 2009.

He served as a Doping Control Officer for the United States Anti-Doping Agency
from 2002 until 2008.