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Pages: 243

Dimensions: 11 × 8 × 1 in

Binding Type: Paperback

Recognized as the most comprehensive text in taping, wrapping, and protective devices for health care professionals, the fifth edition of the Comprehensive Manual of Taping, Wrapping, and Protective Devices has been enhanced by the addition of selected audio and video segments, kinesiology taping techniques, and an in-depth visual display of protective devices.

Obtaining knowledge from renowned experts in sports medicine health care, this text displays and describes a step-by-step process in the application of taping and wrapping products along with a listing of protective devices that could be utilized in preventing the severity of injuries.

The Comprehensive Manual of Taping, Wrapping, and Protective Devices features online supplements along with instructional resources. Online companion resources include video, images, and other resources the authors have provided as supplemental information for the text. A list of videos available include the following:

•    Knee Compression: Elastic Wrap

•    Elbow Compression: Elastic Wrap

•    Wrist/Hand Compression: Elastic Wrap

•    Great Toe Taping

•    Toe Splint Taping

•    Plantar Fasciitis Taping

•    Ankle: Closed Basket Weave Taping

•    Ankle: Open Basket Weave Taping

•    Shin Splint Taping

•    Achilles Tendon Taping

•    Knee Joint Wrap

•    Hamstring Wrap

•    Quadriceps Wrap

•    Hip Flexor Wrap

•    Hip Adductor Wrap

•    Acromioclavicular (AC) Joint Taping

•    Glenohumeral Joint Taping

•    Glenohumeral Joint Wrap

•    Elbow Hyperextension Taping

•    Elbow Epicondylitis Wrap

•    Forearm Splint Taping

•    Wrist Taping

•    Thumb Spica Taping

•    Finger Splint Taping

•    Hyperextension of Phalanges Taping

•    Contusion of Hand Taping

The authors have taught at the higher educational level and have had experience as athletic trainers. They have been involved in professional organizations such as the North American Society for Sport Management, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, and the United States Olympic Committee.