Facilitation of Therapeutic Recreation Services

An Evidence Based and Best Practice Approach to Technique & Processes
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Editor(s): Norma J. Stumbo
Brad Wardlaw

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The intent of this book is to improve the systematic application of various techniques and modalities to the practice of therapeutic recreation.

Improving and standardizing practice is fundamental to increasing our ability to select interventions based on their potential to impact client outcomes.

When we fully realize the potential of specific interventions to help clients arrive at certain outcomes, then we can choose these interventions and techniques with greater skill and confidence.

Table of Contents: 

Chapter 1—The Need for Evidence-Based and Best Practice Interventions
Chapter 2—Leisure Education
Chapter 3—Selecting and Programs and Activities-Based on Goals and Outcomes
Chapter 4—Planning and Leading Group Activities/ Group Interventions
Chapter 5—Communication Techniques
Chapter 6—Instructional Techniques
Chapter 7—Counseling Theory and Practice: Some Applications for Leisure Education
Chapter 8—Health Behavior Change Theories and Models
Chapter 9—Problem Solving Therapy
Chapter 10—Anger Management
Chapter 11—Social Skills Training
Chapter 12—Assertiveness Training
Chapter 13—Physical Activity
Chapter 14—Pain Management
Chapter 15—Cognitive Behavioral Approaches to Therapeutic Recreation
Chapter 16—Intergenerational Programming
Chapter 17—Stress Management
Chapter 18—Sensory Stimulation and Sensory Integration
Chapter 19—Reality Orientation, Validation, and Reminiscence
Chapter 20—Community Integration
Chapter 21—Virtual Reality Technologies

About the Editor(s)

Norma J. Stumbo

Norma J. Stumbo is currently retired after being at Illinois State University and the University of Illinois from 1984 to 2008.

She has taught subjects at the University of Queensland (Australia), the University of Western Sydney (Australia), and the Southern Institute of Technology (New Zealand).

Her professional work experience includes physical medicine and rehabilitation, long-term care, at-risk youth, independent living, and a women’s prison.

She has written and edited several books, including:

She has also published many refereed articles in the Therapeutic Recreation Journal, Annual in Therapeutic Recreation, and the American Journal of Recreation Therapy, as well as other journals.

She has presented over 400 research and educational sessions and scores of keynotes at state, national, and international conferences and conventions, and received awards at the international, national, regional, and local levels.

Norma received her PhD in Leisure Behavior/Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; she received her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Recreation and Park Administration/Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Missouri-Columbia.