The Future of Leisure, Tourism, and Sport

Navigating Change
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Galen Godbey

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You will live the rest of your life in the future, so it makes sense to think about it. In this book, we consider the near future and ways that all forms of leisure, particularly sport and tourism, will be affected by accelerating change.

This may seem to be a fool’s errand, but ignoring the possibilities of the future is even more foolish. Leisure is of central importance in the future; what will people do when they experience the absence of the necessity of being occupied?

What will be worth doing when constraints are minimal? Two forms of leisure will receive special attention. Tourism can be a way of exploring the world and sport a way of exploring within playful rules.

Both tourism and sport have emerged as expected parts of life, as huge components of the economy, and as the basis for careers. Some of the readers of this book are planning careers in parks, recreation, tourism, sport, fitness, and other forms of leisure.

We discuss important trends and future projections in diverse areas such as population growth, immigration, crowding, climate change, and technology. Each of these factors is important in its own right. However, these forces will interact with one another in ways that are difficult to foresee.

So the best that you and your colleagues in the field of recreation, park, sport, tourism and other leisure services can do is to keep scanning the horizon and to develop a variety of broad scenarios that the interplay of the above forces may create.

Strategies and flexible plans for each scenario will have to be constructed, each based upon admittedly inadequate information and major assumptions.

Table of Contents: 


Section One: The Future of Leisure, Tourism, and Sport
Will Leisure, Tourism, and Sport “Westernize”?
More Globalized, Customized, Contingent, and Central
Changing Concepts of Leisure    
Thinking Flexibly About the Future

Section Two: Demographic Issues
A Rapidly Expanding and Consuming Human Population    
Carrying Capacity and the Management of Crowding
Poorest Nations Producing the Population Increase
Global Aging
Global Urbanization: Increasing Population Density
About 4 Out of 10 Humans Are Chinese or Asian Indian
Europe Is Being Repopulated    
Worldwide Decline of “White” People
Asia and Mexican Immigration Redefining North America

Section Three: Environmental Issues
Human-Caused Climate Change
The Water Crisis
Rapidly Changing Relations With Other Animals
Exceeding World Carrying Capacity
Massive New Sources of Pollution Planned
Limitations of Carrying Capacity Have Not Yet Been Recognized
Obsolete Automobiles and Airplanes
Australia in the Crosshairs of Climate Change
A Revolution in Food: The Decline of Factory Farming

Section Four: Social Issues
Women Ascending
Beginning the Post-Growth Era
The Intensified Race for Education
The Worldwide Increase in Refugees
The Animal Rights Movement Is Growing
Global Addiction
Necessity of Emotional Intelligence
Shorter Attention Spans
The End of Power?
Government Policy and Leisure

Section Five: Technology and the Transformation of Organizational Life, Work, and Leisure
Changes in Work
Designing People
Endless Energy
End of Infrastructure
Takeover of Computers
When Computers Disappear
Decline of Centralized Infrastructure
Leisure-Centered Living in the Emerging World


About the Author(s)

Geoffrey Godbey

Geoffrey Godbey has been interested in the future for many decades.

A retired professor at Penn State and currently endowed professor at Jinan University and formerly Zhejiang University in China, he is the author of three books about leisure and the future, numerous articles, and over 200 speeches.

He is a poet, former professional drummer, former part owner and editor of Venture Publishing, and a pioneer in bringing leisure studies to China, along with the scholar Ma Huidi.

Geoffrey has traveled extensively in the world and has been highly involved in international organizations concerned with leisure, tourism, and sport.

His interests include a variety of topics including human-caused climate change, aging, health, demography, local government park and recreation services, constraints to leisure, and the near future.

His work has been featured in mass media outlets in many countries. He has consulted widely for major corporations in the hotel, tourism, and park and recreation fields.

Galen Godbey

With a futurist’s perspective, Dr. Galen Godbey’s overarching professional mission is to help individuals and organizations prepare for the fast-boil world of the global creative economy.

He is currently a Visiting Professor of Management at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA, the nation’s sixth oldest institution of higher education.

His primary intellectual concerns are leadership, management, and organizational redesign for the opportunities and threats of a global environment of “creative destruction on steroids” in which “software is eating the world” and where climate change will challenge every country and culture.

Godbey has worked as a senior administrator, teacher, fund-raiser, project manager, lobbyist, legislative analyst, consultant to and board member for both start-up companies and nonprofit organizations, author, conference keynote speaker, speech writer, and researcher in education.

He has been recognized for his leadership in inter-institutional cooperation in higher education, for his pioneering work in distance education, and for his life time of contributions to international education.

He has extensive international travel experience both for business and for pleasure and has raised millions of dollars from state, federal, and private sources.