Including Youth with Disabilities in Outdoor Programs

Best Practices, Outcomes, and Resources
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Author(s): Steve A. Brannan
Ann Fullerton
Gary M. Robb
Michael Bender

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Including Youth with Disabilities in Outdoor Programs fills a major void in information about the inclusion of youth with disabilities in general (mainstream) camp and outdoor/environmental education programs.

This is a multi-disciplinary book designed for a wide range of audiences interested in understanding, planning, implementing, and evaluating outdoor programs that include youth with and without disabilities.

It is largely based on landmark research by the authors whose nationwide study confirmed the benefits (e.g., skills, self-reliance, socialization) of outdoor programs for both youth (disabled and nondisabled).

This is a cutting-edge book that is outcome-based, using research to support the inclusionary concepts, practices, and resources proposed by the authors.

In the book, comprehensive coverage is given to Best Practices necessary to achieve successful inclusion in outdoor programs: areas such as philosophy, marketing, instructional accommodations, staff training, facilities, and evaluation.

The book is a practical guide and resource, and will appeal to educators, practitioners, students, and others interested in the potential of inclusionary outdoor programs for all youth.

Outdoor Program Evaluation Battery CD-ROM provides a comprehensive set of outcome-based assessments and data forms for conducting individual, group, and program evaluation for inclusive, organized outdoor programs.

This Battery is a practical resource designed for use with counselors, staff, parents, and others in evaluating the growth youth achieve through participation in outdoor programs.

An outstanding resource!

About the Author(s)

Steve A. Brannan

Steve Brannan, Ed.D. is a Professor Emeritus in the Graduate School of Education at Portland State University and taught in the Special Education Department for 25 years.

A major part of his career has been spent in training and research activities related to outdoor/environmental education, camping, and leisure education for persons with disabilities.

Dr. Brannan has written extensively on these topics, directed several federal training and research grants in these areas, and has consulted and presented continuously at the national level.

Steve founded an outdoor education/recreation training program in the early 1970's as part of a partnership with PSU and Portland urban area Kiwanis clubs.

Through his leadership, the Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp became a nationally recognized model in serving persons with severe disabilities.

Over the last three decades, the camp has provided an interdisciplinary training site for PSU students from education and related fields who participate as counselors at the camp as part of their undergraduate or graduate preparation.

Dr. Brannan served as the principal investigator and research team leader for both the NCEP and NICP research projects that included close collaboration with the American Camping Association and outdoor programs nationwide.

Steve continues to be active professionally in his advocacy and writings for persons with disabilities.

Ann Fullerton

Ann Fullerton, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education at Portland State University.

Ann and her PSU colleagues developed one of the country's first inclusive teacher preparation programs at the college/university level with an integrated special and elementary education curriculum.

Dr. Fullerton has consulted with and trained community recreation providers in inclusive strategies through grant projects which she directed.

She has a wealth of practical experience and, as a youth and young adult, worked in summer camps in a number of staff positions.

For the past six years, she has coordinated PSU's university-camp partnership with the Mt. Hood Kiwanis camp for children and youth with disabilities, Oregon's major specialized camp serving persons with complex and multiple disabilities.

Ann recruits and directs the training and supervision of 160 college-aged students who serve as counselors at the camp each year.

As part of the NCEP and NICP research team during the past eight years, Ann has been involved in researching the impact of camp and outdoor programs on youth with and without disabilities.

Gary M. Robb

Gary M. Robb, M.S., is associate professor in the Department of Recreation and Park Administration, School of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation at Indiana University (IU).

Gary Robb handles two major administrative responsibilities.

He serves as the executive Director of Bradford Woods, a 2,400-acre Outdoor Education and Leadership center at Martinsville, IN that is operated by Indiana University. He is also executive director of the National Center on Accessibility (NCA) located on the campus of IU.

Working with people with disabilities in recreation environments for over 25 years, Gary is currently the president of the National Alliance for Accessible Golf; he recently assisted in the development of accessibility guidelines for outdoor recreation environments, serving on the U.s. Access Board Regulatory negotiation Committee for Developed Outdoor Areas.

Gary is a national leader in recreation and outdoor education for persons with disabilities.

He is past president of the National Therapeutic Recreation Society, a member of the board of trustees of the National Recreation and Park Association, and has served as a regional research coordinator for both the NCEP and NICP projects.

Gary continues to provide guidance and consultation to camps and outdoor/environmental education programs nationwide on the administration and operation of their programs serving persons with disabilities.

Michael Bender

Michael Bender, Ed.D., is vice president of the Kennedy Krieger Institute, an international facility in Baltimore, MD, and a professor of education with a joint appointment in pediatrics from The John Hopkins University and School of Medicine. Dr. Bender has been with the Institute for the past 30 years, helping individuals with disorders of the brain participate as fully as possible in family, school, and community life. He has published over 30 books and numerous papers dealing with the areas of special education and rehabilitation, and has served as project director, coordinator, and national consultant to grants addressing the leisure needs of individuals with disabilities. He is the co-author of the four-volume series, A Functional Curriculum for Teaching Students with Disabilities, which has been a major curriculum resource to the field of special education for the last 25 years. Most recently he has served as a regional research coordinator for both the NCEP and NICP projects. Michael continues to write extensively in areas that address the needs of parents and children with disabilities.