Internships in Recreation and Leisure Services: A Practical Guide for Students, 6th Ed. [ebook]

Internships in Recreation and Leisure Services: A Practical Guide for Students, 6th Ed. [ebook]
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Author(s): Edward E. Seagle, Jr.
Tammy B. Smith
Ralph W. Smith

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Selecting an internship site in recreation and leisure services is one of the most important academic decisions of your college years.

A good internship brings academic coursework to life and provides work experience and professional contacts that help to ensure a successful professional career.

Your internship is the foundation for your future, and like any strong foundation, its construction requires time, effort, and the proper tools.

In Internships in Recreation and Leisure Services: A Practical Guide for Students, Sixth Edition, you will go through a systematic internship selection process that will help you utilize your life experiences and available resources to maximum advantage.

The ultimate goal is to help you to identify and secure an internship that not only meets your academic objectives but also enhances your professional career in recreation and leisure services.

The purpose of this text is to give you the proper tools for getting the best possible internship—the time and effort, however, are up to you.


Table of Contents: 

Acknowledgements iii

About the Authors viii
Introduction ix

Chapter One — Self-Assessment

Personal Philosophy
Interests and Needs
Personality Traits and Professional Skills
Professional Use of Technology
Attitudes Toward Work and Learning

Chapter Two — Direction

Internship/Career Direction
Internship Goals
Writing Internship Goals
Examples of Internship Goals
Writing Personal Goals
Career Goals
Action Plan Timeline

Chapter Three — Search and Research

Search Step #1: Identify Essential Characteristics of Agencies
Search Step #2: Determine Your Own Needs and Preferences
Search Step #3: Prioritize Your Needs and Preferences
Search Step #4: Identify Resources for Information on Agencies
Search Step #5: Compile a List of Potential Internship Agencies
Search Step #6: Conduct an Informational Interview
University Files and Resources
Agency Websites
Telephone Calls
Voice Mail
Internship (Job) Description
Visit Site
Making a Pre-Interview Appointment
Contacts Within the Agency
Speak with Current or Past Interns at the Agency
Volunteer at the Agency

Chapter Four — Preparation: The Cover Letter

Format of a Cover Letter
Content of a Cover Letter
Final Tips and Reminders about the Cover Letter
Sample Cover Letters
Cover Letters (Opening Paragraph Examples)
Examples of Personal Letterheads

Chapter Five — Preparation: The Résumé

The “Foundation” or “Working” Résumé
The “Professional” Résumé
Format and Content of the Print Résumé
Profile Statements
Commercial Résumé Preparation and Printing
Preparing Your Résumé
Sample Résumés
Scannable Résumés
Examples of Print Versus Scannable Résumés
Required Qualifications
Voice Mail/Answering Machine
The Portfolio
Selecting Your References
Online and E-mail Applications

Chapter Six — The Interview

Preparing for an Interview
Developing the Proper Frame of Mind
Doing Your Homework
Practice, Practice, Practice
Participating in an Interview
Types of Internship Interviews
Displaying Professionalism During Internship Interviews
Following Up After an Interview
Phone Follow-up
Agency and Supervisor Assessment
Handling Rejection

Chapter Seven — Selection and Final Planning

Making Your Selection
Notification of Selection
Planning for Your Internship
The Student, Agency, and University Relationship
Resources and References
Time Management
Supplies and Equipment
Final Comment from Authors


Appendix A—Online Resources
Appendix B—National Associations and Organizations
Appendix C—Recommended Readings



About the Author(s)

Edward E. Seagle, Jr.

Edward E. Seagle, Jr. is a Professor in the Department of Recreation and Parks Management at California State University, Chico.

He received his EdD in education administration/counseling psychology from the University of the Pacific, his MA in recreation education/therapeutic recreation from Brigham Young University, and his BA degree in recreation administration from California State University.

His research interests include expertise in therapeutic recreation services in clinical and community-based settings; recreation and leisure program development for individuals with disabled conditions; networking and academic curriculum development in resort and lodging management; career enhancement and internship coordination of university-level students; and stress, burnout, humor, and self-esteem consultant for human service agencies and businesses.

He has given numerous presentations and speaking engagements on a number of internship and employment topics and has authored a number of books on internships in sport management and recreation and leisure services.

Tammy B. Smith

Dr. Tammy B. Smith is an Organization Development Consultant and President of iynovate, an Organization Development consulting firm.

Prior to full-time consulting, Dr. Smith served as a Learning Partner for Penn State’s Center for Workplace Learning and Performance and as the Director of Outreach and Internships for the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Management at Penn State.

While at Penn State, she directed the professional internship program for 20 years, supervised numerous student interns across her tenure, and taught internship and career preparation courses.

Since Penn State, Dr. Smith has assisted many industry professionals with career transition and placement, and has offered career coaching services including resume writing and professional branding.

In addition to her internship and career work, Dr. Smith has specialized expertise working with military service members with service connected illness and injuries, aiding in their successful reintegration into work and community life.

Dr. Smith received her PhD from Penn State in workforce education and development (Organization Development and Human Resources). She also holds a BS and MS in therapeutic recreation from the University of Maryland.

Ralph W. Smith

Dr. Ralph Smith is Professor Emeritus and a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist of the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Management at The Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Smith specializes in the areas of inclusive programming for individuals with disabilities, attitudes toward disability, and disability adjustment.

In addition to over 25 years of university teaching experience, during which he received two teaching awards, Dr. Smith’s background includes directing the internship program for the Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Management at Penn State and also for the Department of Recreation at the University of Maryland–College Park.

He has supervised countless interns and mentored students preparing for their professional careers.

He wrote the first curriculum for an internship preparation course at Penn State that has been taught for over two decades and is still taught today.

Dr. Smith earned his PhD from Penn State University in Recreation and Leisure in 1984.

Dr. Smith’s MS and BA were in Physical Education from the University of Illinois and Western Maryland College, respectively.

He is medically retired from the U.S. Army due to combat wounds incurred while serving with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam.