An Introduction to Park Management, 4th Ed.

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Author(s): Samuel V. Lankford
Jill Lankford
Daniel A. Wheeler

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The fourth edition of An Introduction to Park Management is intended for university students who may have an interest in becoming employed in the parks profession.

The book explores the responsibilities of staff and the problems and challenges associated with managing parks in the 21st century.

Particular attention is paid to the structure of park organizations, planning, decision making, and politics that ultimately influence the way parks are managed.

Part I provides an overview of parks and park management. Historical aspects of the development of parks are reviewed and detailed.

Part II specifically addresses the multitude of park administrative functions, such as organizational structures, park policies, laws and risk management, funding, personnel, and concludes with maintenance and safety concerns.

Part III provides information on resource planning and management of the resources through citizen involvement, planning, facilities, and environmental management issues.

Part IV is an overview of visitor use issues and protection of parks. Topics include visitor conflicts, vandalism, law enforcement, fire management, interpretation, and visitor management services.

Finally, Part V provides a broad overview and examples of sustainable practices in park management, including tools such as ROS, LAC, and VERP and possible solutions to the numerous challenges that park managers must address.

It is our belief that sustainable management practices and planning practices designed with environmental management and visitor management are the keys to successful park operations.

Similar to the 3rd edition, the 4th edition utilizes where applicable the practical and sage advice of Grant W. Sharpe, Charles H. Odegaard, and Wenonah Finch Sharpe in the earlier editions of this book.

We have retained the essence of the material, and the broad topics that those authors provided as a framework for park management.

Readers will note that some references are older. We retained references that have historical significance and have been overlooked in the current literature, which are included at the end of each chapter under “General References.”

Some of these ideas are currently accepted as common knowledge; however, we all can benefit from understanding the origin of ideas that have influenced park management.

Table of Contents: 

About the Authors

Part I: Introduction

1 An Overview of Park Management

Part II: Management of Parks

2 Organizational Structure

3 Park Management Policies

4 Recreation Law and Risk Management

5 Funding and Budgetary Issues

6 Personnel Management

7 Maintenance and Safety

Part III: Resource Planning and Management

8 Citizen Participation and Involvement

9 Planning, Acquisition, and Development of Parks

10 Park Facilities

11 Environmental Management Issues

Part IV: Visitor Use Issues and Protection of Parks

12 User Conflict Management

13 Vandalism

14 Law Enforcement

15 Fire Management

16 Interpretation

17 Visitor Services

Part V: Sustainable Practices for Parks

18 Sustainability


About the Author(s)

Samuel V. Lankford

Samuel V. Lankford is the interim associate dean of the College of Health and Human Services, and was professor and chair (2014–2017), Department of Recreation Administration at CSU Fresno.

Formerly he served as a professor and doctoral program coordination in Health, Physical Education, and Leisure Services and the director of the Sustainable Tourism and the Environment Program at the University of Northern Iowa.

He has a PhD with a focus in recreation planning and development and a master of urban and regional planning from the University of Oregon. He holds a master of arts in recreation and park planning and a BA in geography from CSU Chico.

Dr. Lankford worked as the youth director for 8th U.S. Army Korea and also worked as a consultant for morale, welfare, and recreation organizations in Asia/Pacific.

Dr. Lankford has been a practicing planner in both staff and consulting roles in California, Oregon, Washington, Iowa, and Hawaii.

He has completed master plans and comprehensive plans for parks and recreation, needs assessments, community impact studies, carrying capacity studies, and market research in those states and other countries.

He specializes in tourism and recreation development.

Dr. Lankford participates in Ask the Author, a Sagamore initiative that enables professors who adopt titles to communicate with the author and really understand what the book is about and how any ancillaries are intended to be used.

Jill Lankford

Jill K. Lankford has worked with communities in their planning and design efforts with a particular focus on community character and development.

Jill’s work with planning and design with small towns has resulted in recognition by the American Planning Association–Oregon Chapter for citizen involvement and economic development.

She has provided tourism development training in North America, Bolivia, and Vietnam.

She has degrees in landscape architecture (BLA and MLA) from the University of Oregon.

She was the coordinator of the Sustainable Tourism and Environment Program at the University of Hawaii and the University of Northern Iowa, where she completed community development projects with students for community and regional agencies and organizations.

Jill continues her work in Fresno focusing on community-level park and recreation planning and water-wise design.

Daniel A. Wheeler

Daniel A. Wheeler holds a doctorate in leisure studies and services.

He has worked in the field in many positions, teaching swimming, canoeing, backpacking, and survival skills in activities courses and as camp director and river guide in Idaho and Utah, with excursions to Korea.

He has taught in theory and philosophy recreation courses and recreation marketing in several universities.

His main emphasis has been management of recreation delivery systems and the recreation experience.

Presently retired, he is beginning a recreation business on an island in the Pacific Northwest.