Leisure and Human Development [etext]

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Editor(s): Douglas A. Kleiber
Francis A. McGuire

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Leisure and Human Development is an examination of the link between human development and behavior in a context, leisure, that has been described as encompassing one third of people's time.

This text examines human development as it affects and is affected by leisure—what people do when they are relatively free to choose their activities. Douglas Kleiber and Francis McGuire, two well respected leisure scholars, developed this book around age-based periods of life.

The authors assert that leisure relates to human development in three fundamental ways:

  1. human development influences leisure behavior
  2. leisure behaviors influence development
  3. leisure plays a role in moderating the effects of life events

In developing these themes, the authors have invited highly qualified academics to draw on their expertise in fleshing them out, not only by age and life stage but also by activity themes that carry across the life cycle.

Leisure and Human Development approaches the topic of leisure across the lifespan from a developmental perspective: the orderly, patterned, enduring trajectory of life.

A central idea of this book is that both theories of human development and research findings can lead to practical  application—the "so what" question is addressed throughout the book. Thus, even though it is a book bounded by theory, it is immediately useful for the student (or anyone else) seeking to promote leisure in everyday life across the lifespan.

The authors of these chapters imply, both directly and indirectly, that leisure can be identity producing and restorative. Leisure and Human Development is an important book, edited and written by leading authors in the field. It will find a lasting readership among all those interested in understanding and enhancing human development.


Table of Contents: 

About the Authors

Foreword by Geoffrey Godbey

1 Introduction
Francis A. McGuire and Douglas A. Kleiber

2 Developmental Theory and Leisure
Douglas A. Kleiber and Toni Liechty

3 Play in Childhood
Lynn A. Barnett and Kerri R. Schiller

4 The Power of Leisure as a Developmental Context for Adolescents
Denise M. Anderson, Linda L. Caldwell, and Kellie A. Walters

5 Where the Sidwalk Ends: Pathways to Nature-Dependent Leisure Activities
Robert D. Bixler and J. Joy James

6 Emerging Adulthood and Leisure
Mallory A. Anderson, Katherine Ann Jordan, and Cindy L. Hartman

7 Technology, Leisure, and Human Development: Seeking Virtue in the Virtual
Brian E. Kumm, Nicholas A. Holt, and Douglas A. Kleiber

8 Time to Eat: Implications of Leisure-Based Eating for Health and Development
Dorothy L. Schmalz and Kerstin K. Blomquist

9 Human Development in the Context of Family Leisure
Camilla J. Hodge, Jasmine A. Townsend, and Ramon B. Zabriskie

10 Leisure in Middle Adulthood
Valeria Freysinger

11 Leisure in the Third Age: Finding New Value in a Changing World
Douglas A. Kleiber and Begum Aybar-Damali

12 Using Leisure to Find a Way Forward after Loss
Megan C. Janke and Jesse J. Jones

13 Possibilities in the Study of Ageing and Leisure in Late Late Life
Sherry L. Dupuis, Janet McKeown, and Darla Fortune


About the Editor(s)

Douglas A. Kleiber

Douglas A. Kleiber is a professor of Counseling and Human Development Services and adjunct faculty in Psychology and Gerontology at the University of Georgia.

He is the author of Leisure Experience and Human Development and A Social Psychology of Leisure.

His past positions have included director of the Leisure Behavior Research Laboratory at the University of Illinois, head of the Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Georgia, and director of the School of Health and Human Performance at UGA.

He is a charter member of the Association of Psychological Science, a past president of the Academy of Leisure Sciences, a member of the board of directors of the World Leisure Organization, and a recent inductee into the World Leisure Academy.

Francis A. McGuire

Francis A. McGuire is a professor in the Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at Clemson University. He was also the Clemson University Centennial Professor for 1994 through 1996 as well as a fellow in the Strom Thurmond Institute.

He earned a bachelor's degree at Cornell University, a master of science degree in park and recreation administration at Penn State and a doctorate in leisure studies from the University of Illinois.

He has had manuscripts appear in a variety of publications including The Gerontologist, The International Journal of Aging and Human Development, Journal of Leisure Research, Leisure Sciences, Activity, Adaptation and Aging, and The Therapeutic Recreation Journal.

He has presented papers and workshops at over 50 national, regional, state and local conferences on topics ranging from intergenerational programs, patterns of outdoor recreation participation by older individuals, the role of humor in long-term care facilities, and constraints to leisure involvement in retirement.