Leisure, Health, and Wellness

Making the Connections
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Barbara Ainsworth
Geoffrey Godbey

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As our understanding of the bases of good health changes, it is apparent that leisure and its use are an important issue in both achieving and maintaining good health.

This book reflects the story of how parks, recreation and leisure studies contribute to health and well-being of individuals, families, communities, and societies.

This is also the story of how public health contributes to parks, recreation, and leisure studies; the intersections and connections between and among these fields, concepts, and professional practices.

This book provides a collection of ideas brought together by scholars and practitioners willing to venture outside of the safe confines of their own disciplines to write transdisciplinary chapters with colleague from numerous fields related to health or leisure.

These authors have played a significant role in building bridges and advancing the knowledge base related to leisure, health, and wellness, and their interconnections.

Table of Contents: 

Chapter 1–Leisure—An Overview
by Garry Chick (Pennsylvania State University)

Chapter 2–Health, Wellness, and Quality of Life—Accent the Positive
by Diane L. Gill (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) and Leandra A. Bedini (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

Chapter 3–Relations between Leisure, Health, and Wellness
by Laura Payne (The University of Illinois) and Elizabeth Orsega-Smith (University of Delaware)

Chapter 4–What Constitutes “Good” Health and Wellness?
by Ann Sebren (Arizona State University) and Jack Chisum (Arizona State University)

Chapter 5–What is Good Leisure from the Persepective of Health?
by Geoffrey Godbey (Pennsylvania State University)

Chapter 6–Leisure and Physical Health
by Michael J. LaMonte (University of Buffalo, The State University of New York) and Hsueh-wen Chow (National Cheng Kung University)

Chapter 7–Leisure Pathways to Emotional Health—Public Health Perspectives
by Elaine C. Wiersma (Lakehead University) and Diana C. Parry (University of Waterloo)

Chapter 8–Leisure and Spiritual Health
by Paul Heintzman (University of Ottawa) and Kimberly M. Coleman (Georgia Southern University)

Chapter 9–Physical Activity and Cognitive Health
by Darla Castelli (University of Texas)

Chapter 10–Leisure and Social Health
by Colleen Keller (Arizona State University), Julie Fleury (Arizona State University), and Carol Rogers (Arizona State University)

Chapter 11–The Effect of Leisure Environments on Dimensions of Health and Wellness
by Andrew J. Mowen (Pennsylvania State University) and Ariane L. Rung

Chapter 12–Leisure as a Context for Prevention
by Linda L. Caldwell (Pennsylvania State University) and Melissa A. Tibbits (University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health)

Chapter 13–Leisure and Becoming Physically Active
by Melissa Bopp (Pennsylvania State University) and Andrew T. Kaczynski (Kansas State University)

Chapter 14–Leisure and Stress Reduction
by Yoshitaka Iwasaki (Temple University)

Chapter 15–Making the Best of Bad Situations: The Value of Leisure in Coping with Negative Life Events
by Douglas A. Kleiber (University of Georgia) and Susan L. Hutchinson (Dalhousie University)

Chapter 16–Building Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy through Leisure
by Steriani Elavsky (Pennsylvania State University) and Shawna Doerksen (Pennsylvania State University)

Chapter 17–Leisure and the Development of Complexity
by Roger C. Mannell (University of Waterloo) and Stephen R. Manske (University of Waterloo)

Chapter 18–Socioeconomic Status, Health, and Leisure
by Kathleen Wolin (Washington University) and Geoffrey Godbey (Pennsylvania State University)

Chapter 19–Children’s Physical Activity and Healthy Development: Physical, Social, Emotional, and Cognitive Benefits
by Maureen R. Weiss (University of Minnesota) and Lynn A. Barnett (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Chapter 20–Leisure, Adolescence, and Health
by Clifton E. Watts (East Carolina University) and Jennifer L. Cremeens (East Carolina University)

Chapter 21–Leisure in Family Wellness
by Ramon B. Zabriskie (Brigham Young University) and Carl Hanson (Brigham Young University)

Chapter 22–Leisure and Health in Middle Age
by Gaylene Carpenter (University of Oregon) and Jean Stockard (University of Oregon)

Chapter 23–Leisure in Later Life
by Cheryl Der Ananian (Arizona State University) and Megan Janke (University of South Florida Polytechnic)

Chapter 24–Leisure and Rehabilitation
by Catherine P. Coyle (Temple University), John W. Shank (Temple University), and Nannette M. Vliet (Temple University)

Chapter 25–Work, Leisure, and Health: Revisioning Retirement in the 21st Century
by Barbara A. Hawkins (Indiana University) and Harry R. Moody (American Association of Retired Persons)

Chapter 26–Leisure, Health, and Assisted Living
by Sarah Burnett-Wolle (Utica College) and Dana Brooks Hart (Utica College)

Chapter 27–Women, Health, and Leisure: A Lot like Music-Making
by Karla A. Henderson (North Carolina State University) and Wendy J. Brown (University of Queensland)

Chapter 28–Leisure, Health, and Males
by Judy Kruger (U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and Geoffrey Godbey (Pennsylvania State University)

Chapter 29–Promoting Health and Wellness with Persons with Disabilities: The Role of Recreation and Leisure
by Mary Ann Devine (Kent State University), Lynne Cory (Clemson University), and Amy Rauworth (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Chapter 30–Leisure and the Health of People Who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered
by Amy N. Thayer (Virginia Tech) and M. Deborah Bialeschki (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)

Chapter 31–Health Disparities and Physical Activity, Parks, and Recreation
by Melicia Whitt-Glover (Gramercy Research Group) and Myron Floyd (North Carolina State University)

Chapter 32–Leisure, Health, and Adjustment of Immigrants
by Adriana Perez (Arizona State University), Colleen Keller (Arizona State University), and Martha Nuñez (Arizona State University)

Chapter 33–Healthy Sexual Expression
by Tina M. Penhollow (Florida Atlantic University), Melissa A. Jackson (Florida Atlantic University), and Rose Hartzell (San Diego Sexual Medicine)

Chapter 34–Healthy Dining: Eating for Pleasure, Leisure, and Wellness
by Christopher Wharton (Arizona State University) and Linda Vaughan (Arizona State University)

Chapter 35–Health and Television Viewing
by Kelley K. Pettee Gabriel (University of Texas School of Public Health - Austin Regional Campus)

Chapter 36–Healthy Drinking
by Abraham G. Kocheril (University of Illinois & Christie Clinic)

Chapter 37–Healthy Sports
by Lynda B. Ransdell (Boise State University) and Dorothy L. Schmalz (Clemson University)

Chapter 38–Healthy Outdoor Recreation: An Integrated Approach to Linking Physical Activity with Wellness Goals
by Paul H. Gobster (USDA Forest Service, North Central Research Station) and David M. Buchner (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Chapter 39–Public Policy to Promote Healthy Leisure
by Monica Hobbs Vinluan (YMCA of the USA) and Kathy J. Spangler (Save the Children)

Chapter 40–Medical Profession and Healthy Leisure
by Rebecca. A. Meriwether (University of South Carolina) and Christine Katzenmeyer (Consortium for Older Adult Wellness (COAW); Metropolitan State College of Denver)

Chapter 41–Public Recreation and Parks Services as a Wellness Agency
by John Senior (Parks Victoria, Australia) and Mardie Townsend (Deakin University)

Subject Index

About the Editor(s)

Laura Payne

Laura Payne is a Professor in the Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism, an Extension Specialist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).

Her overarching goal is to improve the health and well-being of Illinois residents through translational research, education, and training in health (promotion & behavior change) and support the adoption and dissemination of evidence based health and wellness programs.

In addition to publishing numerous journal articles, she has developed and directed several funded statewide translational research and outreach programs such as the Illinois Rural Recreation Development Project (IRRDP), Illinois Senior Wellness Initiative (ISWI), and Take Charge of Your Health: Live Well be Well.

Geoffrey Godbey

Geoffrey Godbey has been interested in the future for many decades.

A retired professor at Penn State and currently endowed professor at Jinan University and formerly Zhejiang University in China, he is the author of three books about leisure and the future, numerous articles, and over 200 speeches.

He is a poet, former professional drummer, former part owner and editor of Venture Publishing, and a pioneer in bringing leisure studies to China, along with the scholar Ma Huidi.

Geoffrey has traveled extensively in the world and has been highly involved in international organizations concerned with leisure, tourism, and sport.

His interests include a variety of topics including human-caused climate change, aging, health, demography, local government park and recreation services, constraints to leisure, and the near future.

His work has been featured in mass media outlets in many countries. He has consulted widely for major corporations in the hotel, tourism, and park and recreation fields.