Leisure, Women, and Gender [ebook]

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Editor(s): Valeria J. Freysinger
Susan M. Shaw
Karla Henderson
M. Deborah Bialeschki

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Leisure, Women, and Gender is part of an ongoing examination that explores and elaborates issues of leisure for girls and women.

The book is both an update of A Leisure of One's Own: A Feminist Perspective on Women's Leisure (1989) and Both Gains and Gaps: Feminist Perspectives on Women’s Leisure (1996) and a departure from these earlier works, in its process and structure.

Specifically, in this volume, rather than writing about the research that others are doing, we invited some of those researchers to talk about how they came to study leisure, women, and gender; what they have learned from their research; and to reflect on directions for future research.

Table of Contents: 

Chapter 1: Introduction: Constructing a Framework
Chapter 2: Why Sexist Language Matters
Chapter 3: Many Voices: Historical Perspectives on Women’s Leisure
Chapter 4: Reflections on the Role of Men in a Feminist Leisure Studies
Chapter 5: Feminist Theories: A Diversity of Contributions and Perspectives

Chapter 6: Introduction: Expanding Opportunities for Leisure
Chapter 7: A Look Backward and Forward: Women’s Participation in Physically Active Recreation and the Homophobic Response
Chapter 8: Women, Gender, and Leisure Constraints
Chapter 9: Girls, Gender, and Recreational Sports
Chapter 10: “Mom, there are certain activities fat girls shouldn’t do.”: Considering the Leisure Experiences of Overweight Girls and the Role of Parents
Chapter 11: Sorority Spaces: Discipline of Gendered Reputation in Public Leisure
Chapter 12: Older Women and Competitive Sports: Resistance and Empowerment through Leisure
Chapter 13: Time Use in Daily Life: Women, Families, and Leisure
Chapter 14: Women’s Transcendental Experiences with Motorcycling
Chapter 15: A Reader’s Reflections on Women’s Friendships
Chapter 16: Women’s Mental Health and the Power of Leisure
Chapter 17: Women and Tourism
Chapter 18: Feminist Masculinities: Inquiries into Leisure, Gender, and Sexual Identity

Chapter 19: Introduction: Social Identities, Relations, and Practices
Chapter 20: “Yes, I’m a girl . . . and I have a disability . . . but I’m also an athlete!”: Getting Off the Sidelines with Disability Sport
Chapter 21: Intersections of Ethnicity and Gender in the Leisure and Health of Ethnic Minority Women and Young Adults
Chapter 22: Becoming a Mother: Where Does Leisure Fit?
Chapter 23: Youth Sport: Visible Dads, Hidden Moms, and Gendered Children
Chapter 24: Families, Gender, Social Class, and Leisure
Chapter 25: Latina Women’s Family Roles: What Impact Do They Have on Their Physical Activity Participation?
Chapter 26: Let Your Soul Glow: The Intersections of Race, Gender, Health, and Leisure
Chapter 27: Leisure of Family Caregivers
Chapter 28: Older Age, Family, and Leisure

Chapter 29: Introduction: Power, Culture, and Politics
Chapter 30: The Politics of Taking Action: Women, Poverty, and Leisure-Access Policy
Chapter 31: Women’s Leisure and the Gendered Politics of Health
Chapter 32: Activist Scholarship: Fighting Homophobia and Heterosexism
Chapter 33: Reconstructing Masculinities, Migration, and Transnational Leisure Spaces
Chapter 34: Gender Equity and Government Policy: An Analysis of Title IX
Chapter 35: “Developing” Women’s and Girls’ Participation in Dene Games at the Arctic Winter Games
Chapter 36: Gender and Digital-Game Situated Play: Women, Girls, and the Multiple Constructions of Play
Chapter 37: Culture Shock: Challenges to Research into Women, Gender, and Leisure

Chapter 38: Gender and Leisure Policy Discourses: The Cultural Turn to Social Justice
Chapter 39: Reflections on Leisure, Women, and Gender


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About the Editor(s)

Karla Henderson

Dr. Karla A. Henderson is currently a professor in the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management at North Carolina State University.

She teaches primarily graduate courses in the area of recreation and leisure theory and qualitative research methods. She has been on the faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Texas Woman's University.

Her Ph.D. was completed at the University of Minnesota. Karla has given numerous presentations throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

She publishes regularly in a variety of journals such Journal of Leisure Research, Leisure Sciences, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, Women and Health, American Journal of Public Health, and Journal of Physical Activity and Aging and has written over 150 juried articles and 200 other scholarly pieces.

She has authored or co-authored several books including Both Gains and Gaps (with Bialeschki, Shaw, and Freysinger), Dimensions of Choice, Volunteers in Leisure (with Tedrick), Introduction to Leisure Services (with Sessoms), and Evaluation of Leisure Services (with Bialeschki). She was co-editor of Leisure Sciences from 2003-2009.

Dr. Henderson has contributed to the profession in a number of ways by serving as president of SPRE, president of the AAHPERD Research Consortium, president of the Academy of Leisure Sciences, and on numerous state, national, and international boards and committees.

She has been the recipient of the JB Nash Scholar Award, the Julian Smith Award, the NCRPS Special Citation, the ACA Honor Award, the SPRE Distinguished Colleague Award, the North Carolina Recreation and Park Society Honor Award, the SPRE Excellence in Teaching Award and the NRPA Roosevelt Excellence in Research Award.

When not working, Karla enjoys hiking in the Rocky Mountains, running and playing her trumpet in North Carolina, and reading and writing wherever she goes.

M. Deborah Bialeschki

M. Deborah Bialeschki, PhD, is currently senior researcher with the American Camp Association (ACA), where she is involved in research focused on youth development and the camp experience.

Prior to joining ACA, Deb was on the faculty at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill for 20 years until she retired in 2005 as professor emerita.

She has authored 12 books, collaborated on 17 book chapters, and contributed over 150 articles and presentations in national and international journals and conferences.

Deb has been editor of major research journals, has chaired national research conferences, and been elected to professional academies.

She received academic awards, including the Tanner Faculty Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching from UNC-Chapel Hill and the SPRE Distinguished Colleague Award.

Deb’s research has focused on youth development through outdoor/camp experiences, staff training and development, and gender issues in leisure and outdoor recreation.

She contributes to her community through varied volunteer opportunities, plays in the community band, loves the outdoors, values her time with family and friends (including four-legged furry ones), and continues to search for the perfect s’more.