Making the Most of Your Internship

A Strategic Approach
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Author(s): Ryan K. Gower
Michael A. Mulvaney

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A capstone experience of a majority of academic programs in recreation, sports, and tourism industries is the internship. Drawing from a variety of theoretically grounded sources, personal experiences in the advisement and supervision of interns and internship programs, and student and practitioner-based feedback, Making the Most of Your Internship provides comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of vital strategies associated with the internship. The book adopts an action-oriented approach by focusing on the “how-to” aspects of the internship experience while stressing the important and influential role of the internal (i.e., needs, constraints, interests, etc.) and external (i.e., trends, issues, job-related factors, etc.) environments in the internship planning, selection, and management phases.

Table of Contents: 

Section I: Internship Planning
   Chapter 1: Benefiting from the Internship Experience
   Chapter 2: Completing the Individual Assessment
   Chapter 3: Formalizing the Plan: The Purpose Statement, Goals, and objectives

Section II: Internship Selection
   Chapter 4: Initiating the Search Process
   Chapter 5: Developing the Résumé and Cover Letter
   Chapter 6: Navigating the Interview Process
   Chapter 7: Securing the Internship

Section III: Managing the Internship Experience
   Chapter 8: Experiencing the Internship
   Chapter 9: Networking
   Chapter 10: Thinking Strategically About Your Career and the Internship
   Chapter 11: Preparing for the Next Step
   Chapter 12: Negotiating the Salary

About the Author(s)

Ryan K. Gower

Ryan Gower is the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Recreation, Sport and Tourism at the University of Illinois. His research line explores issues related to student learning, professionalism, and curriculum development. He is a lecturer for several undergraduate courses and coordinates the capstone internship experience. As the Co-Director of the Office of Alumni and Career Services, he is developing programs and initiatives that will reconnect alumni with the department and the undergraduate population. He has served the department as the undergraduate Academic Adviser, and has provided leadership and service on several departmental and campus-wide committees. Dr. Gower is the recipient of the 2007 University of Illinois Campus Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, as well as the Excellence in Undergraduate Instruction Award from the College of Applied Life Science.

Michael A. Mulvaney

Michael Mulvaney joined the Eastern Illinois University faculty in 2006. Michael's area of research centers on management issues within public park and recreation agencies. Specific topics within Michael’s research agenda include performance appraisal systems in public park and recreation agencies, family-friendly employee benefits programs, public participation strategies within park and recreation agencies, learning and the use of learning technologies in employee training, and planning processes in park and recreation agencies. Michael also has experience on the development and testing of the effectiveness of various modes of instruction and their relationship to student learning of park and recreation concepts. Courses Michael teaches at EIU include: research & evaluation in leisure studies, computers in leisure service agencies, pre-internship, introduction to leisure service agencies, and world leisure.