Needs Assessment

A Systematic Approach to Data Collection
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Author(s): Ananda Mitra

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There is a growing need for providers of recreation and leisure services to respond to the changing needs of the populations they serve.

It is important for service providers to have access to reliable and valid tools and methods of collecting citizen input and to be able to create a database of the changing needs and attitudes, particularly in the face of limited resources which need to be allocated to best serve the customer and community.

Needs Assessment: A Systematic Approach to Data Collection is a roadmap for collecting and applying citizen input in a scientific and reliable way.

Note: For additional resources on needs assessment and collecting citizen input visit the Management Learning Laboratories web site.

About the Author(s)

Ananda Mitra

Ananda Mitra is a professor in the Department of Communication at Wake Forest University.

He developed the notion of narbs and a specific method for analysis of big data based on narb theory.

Additionally, Mitra has worked with nearly 170 recreation agencies across the United States in his almost 25 years of doing recreation research and is the owner of the recreation research company Management Learning Laboratories.