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As part of the Sagamore-Venture Nonprofit Book series, the Nonprofit Law book tries to do more than provide an overview of important topics about which nonprofit leaders should be aware. In the first chapter, readers are encouraged to examine legal considerations from the viewpoint of four distinct entities:  the nonprofit organization itself, personnel of the nonprofit organization, clients of the nonprofit organization, and the community in which the nonprofit organization operates. The intent is to encourage critical thinking of the laws and regulations applicable to nonprofit organizations and their operation.  

Are we naïve enough to think that once the book is read that the person reading the book will always consider responding to the law from the viewpoints of these four distinct entities?  No.  Do we hope that they could do so?  Yes.  We want them to develop critical thinking as an intellectual skill to use for responding to the law through compliance, implementation, and advocacy.

This book does not provide legal advice. In several places, nonprofit organizations and their leaders are encouraged to seek competent legal advice. In fact, it is even suggested that an attorney be on retainer for ease of consultation. What the editors of the book and authors of the chapters know is that there are myriad laws and regulations that apply to the operation of a nonprofit organization. While the book discusses many important laws, rules, and regulations that apply to nonprofit organizations, we do not claim to discuss them all. We have made an honest effort to discuss many of the important ones. What we know for sure is that your ignorance of applicable laws to any aspect of your nonprofit is never an acceptable excuse to those enforcing the law.  Seek advice from an attorney specializing in nonprofit law, local and state nonprofit support organizations, and other reputable groups such as the Association of Fundraising Professionals or National Association of Personnel Services.