Outdoor Recreation Planning

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Editor(s): John Baas
Robert C. Burns

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Whether visitors or not, all citizens own public land and its associated resources...

Professional, responsive, and carefully considered planning is critical to success in developing, managing, and making accessible outdoor recreation resources.

Outdoor Recreation Planning provides guidance for defining where outdoor recreation resource management should and could be going forward and sound advice, principles, and approaches for identifying pathways for getting there.

Responsive outdoor recreation resource planning must actively and interactively engage, early and often, the stakeholders, citizens, and others the planning organization is working to serve. Considered planning will look carefully and comprehensively at the opportunities and constraints for achieving success.

Outdoor Recreation Planning is unique because it has been prepared by academics and planning practitioners working together to provide a teaching guide as well as a planning applications resource. The authors have practical experience in advising and helping to develop recreation resource planning rules and procedures and in developing master plans for public properties.

It is a must read for anyone interested in learning about, protecting, managing, and planning for public outdoor recreation resources.


About the Editor(s)

John Baas

Dr. John Baas has been actively engaged in outdoor recreation planning for 20 years.

He has worked as an outdoor recreation planner for the U.S. Forest Service and has consulted on multiple outdoor recreation plans throughout the western United States for federal, state, and local agencies.

Dr. Baas is currently a senior recreation planner and principal at MIG, Inc., a private consulting firm, and is the president of the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals.

Robert C. Burns

Dr. Robert C. Burns is a Professor of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism in the School of Natural Resources at West Virginia University.

His expertise is in how to structure studies on social carrying capacity, crowding and conflict, and visitor flow patterns.

He has conducted long-term visitor monitoring studies across many western U.S. national forests that allow resource managers to make informed planning decisions.

He has developed international research efforts and student exchange programs focusing on parks and protected areas in the U.S., central Europe, and Brazil.