Pricing Recreation and Park Services [ebook]

The Science and the Art
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Author(s): John L. Crompton

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Pricing Recreation and Park Services: The Science and the Art provides a scientific foundation to guide pricing decisions confronting managers and elected officials in public parks and recreation agencies.

Leading thinker John L. Crompton has conducted many hundreds of workshops, presentations, and consulting assignments  on  marketing  and/or financing leisure services. He has also served as an elected official, where on multiple occasions his state-of-the-art knowledge of pricing was reconciled and adapted to the political realities of particular situations.

Crompton’s experiences in these realms confirm the central importance of three principles that permeate this book: carefully framing issues so they result in a desired outcome, communicating in non-technical language free from the jargon of economists, and building constituency support before seeking a political decision.

In the private sector, the sole criterion considered in pricing decisions is maximizing revenues. Usually, this entails exclusively focusing on responsive target markets. Pricing decisions in the public sector are more complex because the mission is different. Decision makers have to find the price that is “fairest” to all; that is, it best serves the interests of all residents, including non-users and the economically disadvantaged.

Pricing Recreation and Park Services: The Science and the Art is a must read for managers responsible for pricing decisions and for making recommendations on prices to elected officials and for academics who teach courses or engage in research that addresses pricing issues.


About the Author(s)

John L. Crompton

John L. Crompton received his Ph.D. from the Department of Recreation Resources Development at Texas A&M University.

Today he holds the rank of distinguished professor of Recreation, Park and Tourism Science at Texas A&M University. Dr. Crompton specializes in the area of marketing and finance for park and recreation services.

In 1999, he received the Pugsley Medal for his extraordinary contributions to the field. Dr. Crompton is the most published scholar in the history of both tourism and the parks and recreation field.

Crompton has made many contributions to state, national, and international teaching, research, and outreach projects. In 2007, he was elected a councilman for the city of College Station.