Professional Issues in Therapeutic Recreation, 3rd Ed.

On Competencies and Outcomes
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Editor(s): Norma J. Stumbo
Brent D. Wolfe
Shane Pegg

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The profession of therapeutic recreation has faced many challenges in recent years.

Professional Issues in Therapeutic Recreation: On Competence and Outcomes, 3rd ed., brings together an incredibly diverse and knowledgeable range of authors to intelligently and articulately present these issues.

This new edition draws upon the insight and knowledge of those now leading the TR profession in seeking to better place the profession as a valuable health and human service offering and as a much desired career choice.

Thirty chapters represent the prime issues and challenges currently facing the field.

Like the first two editions, this effort has four major sections: Introduction, Education, Practice, and Research.

Each section begins with a Keynote chapter aimed at setting the stage for that particular section.

Each section also ends with a Perspective chapter, largely an opinion or viewpoint piece to encourage readers to continue discussion on related issues.

Exciting elements of this third edition include the following:

• Updated to address new, contemporary issues and challenges
• 30 chapters, with over 80 authors, many new authors and long-time content experts in the field
• 12 brand new chapters, addressing the latest issues and future directions of the field
• Chapters are independent, yet interrelated as are the issues
• Complete yet concise descriptions of issues, not answering, but posing questions for  discovery and reflection
• Discussion questions at end of each chapter

The new edition acknowledges the increasingly cross-disciplinary nature of modern-day health services and identifies how TR professionals can better position themselves personally and professionally to become critical players.

Table of Contents: 

Acknowledgments ix
Preface xi
About the Authors xv

Section I:  Introduction

1 Keynote: Ensuring Our Worth, Proving Our Value
Norma J. Stumbo, Shane Pegg

2 Revisiting a Historical Analysis of Issues in Therapeutic Recreation and Recreational Therapy
Kari Kensinger

3 The Intersection of Gender, Disability, and Power
Kenneth E. Mobily

4 Therapeutic Recreation or Recreational Therapy?: A Definition for the Profession
Teresa M. Beck

5 World Demographics and Their Implications for Therapeutic Recreation
M. Rebecca Genoe, Tristan D. Hopper, Jerome F. Singleton

6 The Role of the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) in Recreational Therapy Practice, Research, and Education
Heather R. Porter, Marieke Van Puymbroeck, Bryan  McCormick

7 International Perspectives on Therapeutic Recreation
Heewon Yang, Jun Kim

8 Perspective: Why Every Corporation Should Hire a TRS
Mark A. Widmer, Mat Duerden


9 Keynote: The Python and the Alligator: Recreational Therapy and the Perennial Quest to Thrive in Constantly Changing Environments
Alexis McKenney, Marieke Van Puymbroeck

10 Profile of Therapeutic Recreation Curricula
Allison Wilder, Marcia Jean Carter, Melissa L. Zahl, Janell Greenwood, Norma J. Stumbo

11 Accreditation
Sydney L. Sklar, Cari E. Autry

12 Online Learning and Teaching in Therapeutic Recreation
Lynn S. Anderson, Linda A. Heyne, Patricia K. Thomas

13  Move to Master’s Degree for Entry-Level Practice?
Marcia Jean Carter, Candace Ashton, Deborah Hutchins, Brent D. Wolfe

14  Perspective: Curricular Standardization in Therapeutic Recreation: Professional and University Implications
Judy S. Kinney, W. B. (Terry) Kinney, Jeffrey P. Witman, Brian K. Malcarne


15 Keynote: Therapeutic Recreation Is a Process, Not a Place
Brent D. Wolfe

16 Service Trends in Therapeutic Recreation
Jo-Ellen Ross, Gretchen Snethen

17 Therapeutic Recreation Practice Models
Jo-Ellen Ross, Candace Ashton

18 Evidence-Based Practices
Shane Pegg, Norma J. Stumbo, Jamie Bennett

19 Clinical Practice Guidelines: A Decision-Making Tool for Best Practice?
Nancy E. Richeson, Suzanne Fitzsimmons, Angie Sardina

20 Revisited: Issues and Concerns in Therapeutic Recreation Assessment
Norma J. Stumbo, Betsy Kemeny

21 Professional Advocacy Through Public Policy
John W. Shank, John N. McGovern, Sharon Nichols

22 Ensuring Initial and Continuing Competence: Certification  and Licensure in Therapeutic Recreation
Jennifer L. Hinton, Peg Connolly

23 Higher Education and Health Care: Parallel Issues of Quality, Cost, and Access
Melissa L. Zahl, Janell Greenwood, Mary Ann Keogh Hoss, Allison Wilder, Marcia Jean Carter

24 Perspective: Innovation in Fieldwork Education: Toward a Theoretical Framework of Fieldwork Pedagogy
Patti Craig


25 Keynote: Status of Therapeutic Recreation Research
Leandra A. Bedini

26 The Role of Theory in Therapeutic Recreation: A Practical Approach 
Linda L. Caldwell, Elizabeth H. Weybright

27 Issues and Adventures in Evaluation and Outcome Research
Mark A. Widmer, Neil R. Lundberg

28 Participatory Approaches to Research With Marginalized Individuals and Groups: Ensuring Relevancy
Sherry L. Dupuis, Colleen Whyte

29 Ethical Considerations for Therapeutic Recreation Research: A Call for Guidelines
Norma J. Stumbo, Melissa L. Zahl

30 Perspective: Cross Collaboration in Therapeutic Recreation: Future Implications
Frederick P. Green, Tristan D. Hopper, Jerome F. Singleton


About the Editor(s)

Norma J. Stumbo

Norma J. Stumbo is currently retired after being at Illinois State University and the University of Illinois from 1984 to 2008.

She has taught subjects at the University of Queensland (Australia), the University of Western Sydney (Australia), and the Southern Institute of Technology (New Zealand).

Her professional work experience includes physical medicine and rehabilitation, long-term care, at-risk youth, independent living, and a women’s prison.

She has written and edited several books, including:

She has also published many refereed articles in the Therapeutic Recreation Journal, Annual in Therapeutic Recreation, and the American Journal of Recreation Therapy, as well as other journals.

She has presented over 400 research and educational sessions and scores of keynotes at state, national, and international conferences and conventions, and received awards at the international, national, regional, and local levels.

Norma received her PhD in Leisure Behavior/Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; she received her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Recreation and Park Administration/Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Brent D. Wolfe

Brent D. Wolfe, PhD, CTRS is an associate professor in Recreational Therapy in the College of Health and Human Sciences at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA. and has more than 16 years of experience in the TR profession as a practitioner and educator.

He served as president of the National Therapeutic Recreation Society (NTRS) and currently serves on the board of directors for the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA) as the treasurer.

He has focused on a variety of topics related to leadership, disability, and therapeutic recreation and believes that the key to being a successful leader, student, therapist, and person is the same thing—listening.

Brent spends his free time with his wife, Becky, their two daughters, Austyn Grace and Taylor Faith, their dog, Bella, and two cats, Sugar and Leyla.

Shane Pegg

Shane Pegg, PhD, is a senior lecturer in the Tourism Cluster of the School of Business at The University of Queensland, Australia.

He has been involved in a wide array of research and consultancy projects related to leisure and well-being.

He has a particular interest in the co-production of accessible tourism and leisure service experiences. Shane received his BA (Rec Mgt.) (Hons) from Griffith University, his MS and Grad Cert in Gerontology from the University of Utah, and his MBA and PhD from Central Queensland University.

A passionate advocate for therapeutic recreation in Australia, he has published over 70 refereed journal articles and book chapters, and is a past recipient of the American Therapeutic Recreation Association’s Outstanding Professional Award.