Recreation Business

Strategies for Success
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Author(s): John R. Kelly

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Recreation Business: Strategies for Success is a conversation about leisure-based businesses for classroom and online courses. From the point of view of a senior scholar who has studied leisure and its social contexts for 5 decades, Kelly begins by introducing the scope and variety of recreation businesses and discusses major issues in the field.

Then he turns toward social and behavioral science research about recreation and leisure that has been developed since 1970, answering the question, how does this research guide and direct the beginning and operation of a recreation business? Throughout the book, Kelly encourages dialogue and learning through questions, cases, research ideas, debates, online resources, and more.

“The beginning is that ‘leisure is different.’  The focus is on what a recreation business sells or rents: an experience.  The crucial element is quality.  And decades of study have yielded a lot of insight into how leisure experiences can be raised to a level that will attract and retain clients.”

–John R. (Jack) Kelly

Table of Contents: 

Chapter 1: Recreation Business Is Really Big!

Chapter 2: Variety Is Opportunity

Chapter 3: Some Big Issues as Background

Chapter 4: Leisure Is Different!

Chapter 5: Thinking About It

Chapter 6: Investment Strategies for Tough Times

Chapter 7: Target Markets

Chapter 8: A Time and Place

Chapter 9: Making Leisure Decisions

Chapter 10: What Doesn’t Change . . . Much

Chapter 11: The Big Picture

Chapter 12: The Little Picture

Chapter 13: Servicing the Experience

Chapter 14: Beating the Odds

Chapter 15: Looking Ahead

About the Author(s)

John R. Kelly

John R. (Jack) Kelly is Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He was Professor in Leisure Studies and the Institute for Human Development and Director of the Gerontology and Aging Studies program.

His PhD in sociology is from the University of Oregon, and he received master’s degrees from Yale, Southern California, and Oregon.

He is the author of 12 books including four editions of Leisure, Leisure Business Strategies, and Recreation Business, the first text in that field. Freedom to Be: A New Sociology of Leisure is a graduate-level analysis. He is editor of Activity and Aging and coauthor of Recreation Trends and Markets in the 21st Century and 21st Century Leisure: Current Issues.

His books have been translated and published in China and Japan. He has authored over 100 research articles, chapters, encyclopedia articles, and technical reports. He has had consulting contracts with American and Japanese corporations including General Motors, Battelle International, and Yamaha as well as the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Park Service, and State of Illinois.

Among honors he has received are the Roosevelt Research Award, the National Literary Award, and Distinguished Colleague Award from the National Recreation and Park Association. At the University of Illinois, he received two awards for research excellence and was Nash Scholar of the American Association of Leisure and Recreation. He was founding Chair of the Research Commission of World Leisure and has lectured and taught worldwide. 

Among his own recreation engagements have been 54 years as a pilot; 40 years of tennis; choral singing; a little cowboying in Montana; basic training of horses; and reading in fields such as economics, politics, and history. He was a college baseball pitcher and played three sports in high school.

He is the proud father of two daughters, Professor Susan Kelly of the University of Exeter and Professor Janice Kelly of Purdue University, and has two fine grandsons. He and his wife, Ruth Kelly, live in retirement on Jekyll Island, Georgia, and Beaver Island, Michigan.