Recreation Program Planning Manual for Older Adults

Recreation Program Planning Manual for Older Adults - Print

Karen Kindrachuk
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Pages: 183

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This manual of program plans is designed to increase direct patient/client care time by providing a selection of programs with a proven track record.

All plans were developed and initially implemented with older adults in a long-term care setting. The content of each plan can be applied to any age group. 

These plans are designed so that recreation facilitators can implement the program and meet therapeutic needs safely.

Each plan has easy-to-read headings that provide quick reference to the concepts behind the plan, preparation, and implementation, as well as specific adaptations with which I have had personal experience.

Remember, the facilitator can make or break the program—groups feed off the energy you provide and clientele will not only evaluate the contents but also how you present the content.

I hope you enjoy running these programs as much as I do!