An Exploration of the Field and Its Value

Sport Management - Print

An Exploration of the Field and Its Value

Matthew T. Bowers
Marlene A. Dixon
Laurence Chalip
Chad Seifried
Meghan Casey
Rochelle Eime
B. Christine Green
Natalie Smith
Marijke Taks
Laura Misener
Alison Doherty
Kyle Rich
Bob Heere
Dusko Bogdanov
John N. Singer
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Sport Management: An Exploration of the Field and Its Value offers students an approachable yet substantive look at why sport (and the management of sport) holds an essential place in society through the lenses of some of the most influential sport management scholars.

Unlike many introductory sport management textbooks on the market that are structured to provide brief overviews of the functional areas of sport management, this text emphasizes the various legitimations for the role of sport in society and then uses that understanding as a mechanism to discuss related management implications.

The chapters cover the primary legitimations for sport, including health, socialization, economic development, community development, national pride, history, and social politics.

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