Study Guide for the Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Certification Examination, 4th ed.

Study Guide for the Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Certification Examination
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Author(s): Norma J. Stumbo
Jean E. Folkerth

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Compare our prices! This most recent and fourth edition of the Study Guide for the Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Certification Examination has been fully updated, largely due to two reasons:

      (a) the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) has recently updated the Job Analysis, which helps structure the content of the test

      (b) the computerized test has a newer format of a 90-item base test and 15-item testlets.

Therefore, the authors have restructured the Study Guide to align more closely with the most recent NCTRC exam content and format.

This study guide will help prepare individuals in knowledge areas and offers tools to reduce test anxiety.

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Table of Contents: 
1. Introduction to the Study Guide  
  Purpose of the Study Guide  
  How to Use the Study Guide  
2. Details about the NCTRC Exam  
  Timing of the Exam  
  Variable Length Exam  
  Special Arrangements  
  About the Actual Test  
  Exam Content Outline  
  Test Scoring  
3. Strategies for Preparing for and Taking the Test  
  Preparing for the Test  
  Taking the Test  
4. Basic Information on the Test Content Outline  
  Foundational Knowledge  
  Practice of Therapeutic Recreation/Recreation Therapy  
  Organization of Therapeutic Recreation/Recreation Therapy Service  
  Advancement of the Profession  
5. Warm-Up Items  
6. Practice Test 1  
7. Practice Test 2  
8. Practice Test 3  
9. Practice Test 4  
10. Practice Test 5  
11. Practice Test 6  
  Test Summaries  


Student Resources: 

About the Author(s)

Norma J. Stumbo

Norma J. Stumbo is currently retired after being at Illinois State University and the University of Illinois from 1984 to 2008.

She has taught subjects at the University of Queensland (Australia), the University of Western Sydney (Australia), and the Southern Institute of Technology (New Zealand).

Her professional work experience includes physical medicine and rehabilitation, long-term care, at-risk youth, independent living, and a women’s prison.

She has written and edited several books, including:

She has also published many refereed articles in the Therapeutic Recreation Journal, Annual in Therapeutic Recreation, and the American Journal of Recreation Therapy, as well as other journals.

She has presented over 400 research and educational sessions and scores of keynotes at state, national, and international conferences and conventions, and received awards at the international, national, regional, and local levels.

Norma received her PhD in Leisure Behavior/Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; she received her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in Recreation and Park Administration/Therapeutic Recreation from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Jean E. Folkerth

Jean E. Folkerth received her B.S. in Camping and Outdoor Education/Therapeutic Recreation from Indiana University, her M.A. in Therapeutic Recreation from Michigan State University, and her Re.D. in Recreation Administration/Therapeutic Recreation from Indiana University.

She is currently an associate professor and director of the Recreation Therapy Program at the University of Findlay in Findlay, OH.

Dr. Folkerth served on the board of directors of the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification from 1984-1989, serving as president from 1985-1987.

She served on the board of directors of the National Therapeutic Recreation Society from 1979-1982 and was instrumental in the implementation of the State and Regional Advisory Council for NTRS.

Currently, Dr. Folkerth is co-chair of the Alliance Taskforce on Higher Education representing the American Therapeutic Recreation Association.

Dr. Folkerth has authored several publications and conducted over 100 presentations at state, regional, and national levels on topics including credentialing, professional preparation, and professional issues.