Youth Development From the Trenches [ebook]

A Practitioner Examines the Research, His Experience, and Discovers a Powerful New Youth Development Strategy
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Author(s): Rick Miller

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“You can mess all you want with instruction, curriculum, policy, and program strategies, and while all that is important, it doesn’t substitute for the basics. We need adults who care about us as people and believe in us when no one else does, even when we don’t seem to care about ourselves.”

Why do some children excel and some struggle? Why are some children who face many of life’s greatest adversities able to overcome great risks and experience success and others do not?

Author Rick Miller has spent 45 years educating, advocating, caring for, and supporting the futures of all youth. He has dedicated his professional life to disproving the claim that all children are  “at risk.” He believes all children are, in fact, “at hope.”

Youth Development explores this breadth of understanding from a research, academic, and practitioner’s perspective and translates complicated theory into straightforward and powerful expressions about what is best for today's youth. 

Youth Development discusses universal truths and tools that children need to not only survive but thrive at home and in school. The author has created a culture of embracing children “at hope,” where every child is capable of success, no exceptions!

Table of Contents: 



1 Changing Conventional Wisdom

2 Remembering the Pygmalion Effect

3 Universal Truth I: Missions Versus Beliefs

4 Testing Our Beliefs by Checking Our Blood Pressure

5 Universal Truth II: The Aces

6 Stories of Aces

7 Universal Truth III: Mental Time Travel

8 The Framework: From Bureaucracy to Culture and Back Again

9 The Strategic Framework in Action

10 Are You a Treasure Hunter?

11 Top Five Practice #1
Believed and Practiced Here

12 Top Five Practice #2
The Pledge: Power of Self-Talk

13 Top Five Practice #3
The Report Card

14 Top Five Practice #4
Passport to the Future

15 Top Five Practice #5
Tracking Aces

16 Where's the Village?

17 Happiest Place on Earth

18 Culture Scan: Asking the Right Questions

19 The Anne Fox Elementary School Miracle

20 What We Know, What We’ve Learned

21 A Thought From Professor Einstein


About the Author

About the Author(s)

Rick Miller

From the school house to the clubhouse and then on to the White House, Rick Miller has spent 40 years advocating, teaching, and supporting all of America's children and youth.

In 1981, Rick served in the White House as a loaned executive in support of the President's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives.

Rick has also testified before congress on a number of issues affecting youth and the not-for-profit sector.

For 30 years, Rick was an executive with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, including serving as the National Director for Government Relations.

In 1998, Rick was appointed Arizona State University's first Practitioner in Residence serving the Center for Leadership and Non Profit Management.

ASU's College of Human Services recognized Rick in 2007 with their Visionary Award.

Rick founded Kids At Hope in 1999, a national initiative designed to change the paradigm from youth at risk to Kids At Hope.

Rick has published a number of influential articles on fund raising, organizational development, and youth services.

Additionally, he has written two books, From Youth at Risk to Kids at Hope: A Journey into the Belief System where All Children are Capable of Success, No Exceptions!, co-authored by international best-selling author John Carlos and foreword by Dr. Ken Blanchard of The One Minute Manager fame.

In addition to his Kids At Hope duties, Rick is on the faculty at Arizona State University.

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