Hello, everyone. I know this is a difficult and complicated time for everyone and our hearts go out to the people who have been most affected by COVID-19. The events of the last few weeks have significantly affected the delivery of education. With so many students being sent home from colleges across the country and around the world, the need for electronic textbooks has become critical.

As a partner in the field and in response to this critical time, effective immediately, Sagamore-Venture will offer an 80% discount on all individual orders for electronic textbooks. Again, this discount applies only to ebooks and etexts and does not include any print editions. The discount will be applied during checkout. Please search for your title or browse our books.

Orders are limited to one copy of each title. You can order many different titles at the 80% discount, but not more than one of each.  At this discounted price, the most expensive Sagamore-Venture electronic title will cost no more than $15.00. Most will be under $10.00. If you wish to purchase more than one title at this discount, please call 1-800-327-5557 and we can take your order over the phone.

We at Sagamore-Venture want to do our part to help during these challenging times. Take care and please be safe.

Sagamore-Venture Staff